Our Story

As a dedicated cat parent, I am always looking for ways to improve the quality of life of my cat, even if it's something little.

Actually, especially if it's something little. The little things we do for our loved ones (four-legged and two) is what makes all the difference in life. From how you greet your family everyday when you come home after a long day to the effort you put in to try to understand and love them better, every little bit makes life more sweet.

So, when my roommate, who loves his cat very much, hung a framed post card-sized painting just high enough for his cat, Michael, to enjoy, an idea was born.

Now, I don't know if cats can understand art, or if people really do, for that matter, but I couldn't help but feel bad for my little cat when I looked at the walls of our house and there were colorful and interesting things for people to look at, but nothing for the cute little cats we share a home with.

But now, with Art For Your Cat, we can share and educate these majestic creatures with some creativity and culture from the human world! Or at the very least, give them something interesting to look at while they walk around looking for stuff to knock off the counters.

And we know how highly cats value their comfort, so we made some beautiful cat mats for them to lounge on as they ponder the meaning of life, look out the windows at the birds, or take naps in the sun.

Since we didn't want the humans to feel left out of all the fun, we made blankets in 3 sizes, so you can have matching blankets with your cat! Extensive research was conducted by our executive feline officers (Michael and Chobani), and we have found the softest blanket to snuggle up with, in-style, all year long!

Art For Your Cat About Us

Thank you for visiting our store! We appreciate you being here. We hope to provide some color and comfort to you and your cat to help enrich their lives as they enrich ours. 💛

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